If We Were To Go To A Casino, What Would You Do?


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I'm a slot machine girl.  I don't do keno or poker etc.  I hit the casino about once a year on an average.  I am not what you call a habitual gambler.  I allot myself a certain number of $ when I go to the casino.  When that amount is gone, I leave.  I consider it an entertainment fee.  I go with the thought in mind that the casino would not be in business if everyone won that went there.  I pay them my money for the enjoyment I receive until my allocated money is lost.
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I'd Hit Every slot Machine Within 60 Blocks.. Get Drunk.. Dance On A Blackjack Table And Then Fall Asleep On The Floor.. By The Way I Don't Drink Or Know How To Play Black Jack.. Selling My Soul Is Out Of The Question. And I Can't Get Married There  Because I Have No Stretch LIMO.. Ha Ha
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Enjoy the low-priced food buffets.
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I'd play the craps tables until I ran out or doubled my initial investment :)
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Spend big and wins lots of cash. If I know that if I am in a losing streak, I would tone down a bit and recoup part of my loses. I would try again next time and not go on an "aggressive" tone before I go broke and had to file for bankruptcy. I would eat the buffets and restaurants there and watch them inside losing their money to GREED. Or just, ask my friends along and share the profits together.
Jewelly A. Shetka Profile
I'd find a place that was as quiet as I could get
and wait while you did your thing.  Too much noise,
too much lights and too many people.
Talina and I went to Las Vegas, NV a while back, and
spent about $.75 on a slot machine, just so we could
tell people we 'gambled' in Los Vegas (Yay, whoopee!!)
(Seventy-five cents was as long as it took for us to
get our fill of the games).   Then we spent the rest of the
time we had enjoying the outsides of the casinos.
Michael Regenauer Profile
I would play Jacks or better video poker and then hit the buffet.
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tracy deines answered
Eat at the buffets and watch the weird people
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Keith Old
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You probably have quite a few to choose from Tracy, That is casinos not weird people. :>)
tracy deines
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There's plenty of weird people too
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If we were in Las Vegas I would play some roulette and try to find me a one night stand.. If this failed then I would take a road trip 60 miles away to Pahrump were prostitution is legal, and check out one of their finer brothels.
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Well, we would NOT be going to a casino!! You would be going ALONE or with another. I do NOT blow my money there. But, I do know many people who go there to eat. But, I tried that once and the food was horrible.
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Michelle Phy answered
If i let myself go i'd be in trouble. I am optimistic & when i lose i would tell myself "next time i'll win" over & over & go broke  :)
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Robert Morton answered
I would fine the bar and have a beer and a drink, then I would mosey on over to the high rollers table and play the field for a few rolls
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Mike McCarthy answered
As for me, $20 is my limit. I'd go on the slot. My fav.  If I run out of the $20, that's it. I go no further. If I don't win by the time I run out, I don't win.
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I usually spend about $20 on the slot machine, and that keeps me busy most of the day. My husband is a whiz at Black Jack, so he usually wins a couple of hundred or so.  We always use the cards we get in the mail, so we drive up, pick up our free gift (t-shirts, mugs, piggy banks) then have a nice, cheap buffet, visit the spa, play in the casino awhile, and spend the night in our free room, sleep in late, and drive home. On the way home we stop at a beautiful campground and do some hiking.
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I have to agree with the last answer, I don't see any real reason to go to a casino anymore.  I'll tell you why I think online casinos are better than 'real' ones.  Huge technological advancement has taken place in gaming world and Online casinos have become so popular that there are many of them. Online casinos allow gamblers the opportunity to play at the best casinos without do having to travel around the world and have made gambling so easy.  Online casinos provide a wide range of new and awesome games and are so 'real' that you don't lose anything from the experience.  All of the games have fair chances of winning and loosing and there are strict regulations governing online casinos so you know you can trust the 'dealer'.  There are also many online communities as part of the online casinos, such as king solomons online καζίνο, so you can meet other players and socialise as you would in a land based casino.  In short, online casinos offer a better payout, a fantastic virtual experience and the player does not have to leave the comfort of their own home!!
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I would enjoy free drinks and fun music, I also like to get drunk there, why not. I never considered online casino as a money making opportunity, but a good entertaining. I do even won about 500$ at Wild Toro Slot online machine , but still I am not feeling venturous.

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I would enjoy playing...) I like to play casino online, but I've never been there in real life! That's why I'm looking forward to going to a Casino!)

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Yes. I want to visit a real casino. This is my dream. So far, I'm new to this business. Now I'm learning how to play free online slots canada. I want to get a lot of experience in this business. I think that experience plays a key role in success in this business. Do you agree with me ?

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Enjoy the night but still bear in mind that I went there to win. So must not forget money management! But really, why would you want to go to casinos? Online casinos are the latest thread now. Online casinos are a lot better. See www.onlinecasinobb.com for a complete list of the best online casinos around.

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