What Sports Are Played In Space?


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Down here on Earth, we have a whole host of different sports to be getting on with. Some are strenuous and hard work (squash, marathon running), while others are relaxing and barely count as sports at all (darts, curling).

The advantage of gravity is that things actually have mass, and we can vary that mass - and the way we manipulate it and interact with it - to come up with a variety of sporting disciplines, to suit a variety of needs and interests. We've done all that. It's sorted.

But, the final frontier (or space to you and I) has been left mostly untouched or unaccounted-for. What's worse, in space you weigh nothing, and your stuff floats about all over the place, placing a restriction on what you can actually achieve, sporting-wise.

What fun-filled follies of sporting activity can astronauts aboard the International Space Station get up to in their spare time, for instance?

Well, until recently, the answer was "none". However, that was before pioneering astronaut Satoshi Furukawa came up with the spare-time-draining concept of 'Spaceball'.

In 'Spaceball', one player throws the ball (a regulation baseball, as far as we can tell) from one end of the Space station to the other.

Before the ball has reached the other end, the same player hoists himself along, using the power of weightlessness to propel him or her underneath the path of the traveling ball.

Once he has reached the other end of the room, he picks up a baseball bat, which he then uses to thwack the ball.

The player then uses his or her free hand to then retrieve the ball - quickly, before it causes any damage to critical scientific equipment.

Yes, it seems that 'Spaceball' is an extra-terrestrial one-man version of baseball, made possible for a solo player due to the absence of gravity.

Whether this sport will take off remains to be seen, but to see the bizarre game in action for yourself, check out the video below. Enjoy!

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Games to play in space:

  • Flying underwear kites
  • Speed dumping down vacuum pipes
  • Duct taping colleagues to the walls
  • Wrestling for the last tube of pork and mushy peas
  • Piggy in the Middle - except everyone's the pig and there's no object
  • Pushing useless buttons with lights on them so that people think they're working
  • Playing horseshoes with actual shoes and a colleague's foot - who is duct-taped to the wall
  • Playing air guitar - off air
  • The ultimate ninja
  • Talking to the moon
  • Yelling at the moon
  • Duct-taping yourself to the wall
  • Looking for people looking at you through a telescope
  • Waiting for the President to space Skype you and speak only in one-finger sign language
  • Calling the President back and saying you quit
  • Pushing all the flashing buttons
  • Playing on your PSP while playing leap-frog solo
  • Playing dress up

Yay, we're all astronauts.
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Patty cake.
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