What Unusual Sports Are Played In The UK?


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Some of the unusual sports which are actually played in the United Kingdom include the 'Man versus Horse Marathon', a famous race in Wales that pits a man against a horse that combines a cross-country marathon race and an obstacle course; office depot jousting, which involves several teams of two players each, in which one player in a team sits in a chair and propels himself, while his teammate pushes the chair down the aisle of a store, dodging the rivals who attempt to hit each other with garden hoes

Then there is canoe jousting, which combines canoeing (competitors have to row their canoes upto the designated starting point up the river) and jousting (where the rivals try to submerge each other's canoes in the water).

Other unusual sports include ditch snorkeling (wading up a muddy ditch); wife carrying (obviously a race where the husbands carry their better halves and run to the finishing line); cheese chasing (where a large ball of cheese is rolled down a steep hill, and the competitors run down and attempt to catch the cheese); Haxey Hood (where players from the towns of Haxey and Westwoodshire try to get a hood made of rolled canvas or leather to their own pub) and underwater rugby, which comprises two teams of eleven players in a pool which is approximately four metres deep, trying to score goals by getting the ball into the opposition's basket.
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Rock-It-Ball a game that is growing in popularity played in a few variations but the main version is 5 v 5 each competitor has a Rock-It that is somewhat like a two ended Lacrosse stick. The object of the game is to hit your opponent with a ball below shoulder height, there are 5 balls on the court at one time. Unlike Dodgeball where a player who is hit with the ball goes off the court in Rock-It-Ball the player turns to the umpire and raises their arm and the umpire tells them to play on, they are straight back onto the game you can also go anywhere on the court, you don't have to stay in your own half. The game was invented by 3 guys from North Yorkshire Paul Law, Paul Hildreth and Bob Eldridge just 3 years ago and is now growing worldwide.

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