How do you spend your leisure time? And what do you do?


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John  Hamilton Profile
John Hamilton answered
I spend my leisure time by getting on Blurtit,facebook or playing with friends...even by talking to my girlfriend.
Brenda Harrell Profile
Brenda Harrell answered
I spend time on Blurt it.  I write books.  I sell all natural products.  I talk with people for many different reasons.  I travel and I crochet and sell my handmade crochet items.  I try to stay busy.  Take care.
Preston Potnouf Profile
Preston Potnouf answered

Nowadays, with busy lifestyles, there is little time for people to entertain. Therefore, selecting what to do in spare time is fairly prime. Some suggest that it is better to do activities boasting the mind like reading and solving word puzzles. Whereas in contrast, others want to relax their brain completely in leisure time. Before giving my opinion, I will discuss both sides of view.1 Going to the movies

2. Computer activities/ Browsing Internet/ Playing slotty casino

3. Spending time with family

4. Watching TV

5. Activities outside the home with friends/family members,

And the number one pastime that employees enjoy as leisure time, reading!

brianne badiola Profile
brianne badiola answered
I spend it hangin ot w/ my friends, thinkin bout my boyfriend, watchin tv, doin hw, adn goin on

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