Do You Think People Have Enough Time For Leisure Now?


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suman kumar answered
Now-a-days life has become so busy that we don't have time to spend with our loved ones, so where can we find leisure loll.
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Preston Potnouf answered

Good question. It is difficult for all people I think to have adquate time for leisure. Reasons may depend on various kinds of their jobs and individuals’ lifestyles.

First of all, all people need to take leisure time.Sufficient time on the other hand possibly is not available to some due to a lot of external causes, for examples, high density of work,full of timing schedule,unenough vitality in daily life and so on.

If it is true for all human being,however,what can we get from the world when breathing on the Earth? So precious is the time that nearly a few people always do what they hate. To this degree,we can say what they are busy with is to make them sense of happiness or sense of success, which meets the definition of leisure time.

At this time,we are going to say that leisure time is not only the time that makes us relaxed,but also the time that we spend in doing something that we can obtain a sense of happiness or success.

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Taila Nevado answered

Hey, I do not think that people have enough of leisure time.
Looking at my family and friends, I can conclude that they spend most of their
time working or taking care of their kids. Almost everyone is living a hectic life.
However, every weekend I practise different fun activities as I am aware of
their importance.

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