How Has Leisure And Tourism Changed Over The Last 20 Years?


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Leisure and Tourism
Leisure and tourism are considered as two separate, but they are not. There would not be as much tourism if there was not leisure.  Accommodation and catering, attractions, and transportation all get benefit from tourism and leisure. Both industries are dependent upon each other for customers, for example…
• …a family day out at a visitor attraction is a leisure activity but also involves travel and tourism
• …travelling to an away football match could be considered as both leisure and tourism
• …going on holiday and many of the activities undertaken while on holiday could be considered as both leisure and tourism
• …going to the theatre and staying in a hotel overnight are both leisure and tourism.
The local tourist information centre provides details of both leisure and tourism facilities and activities. Transport providers operate services to places of interest for both the leisure market and tourists. Overall tourism and leisure both have an impact on each other.

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