Should Extreme Sport Be Banned Or Not?


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If you ban all extreme sports, people will just ride down hills in shopping carts. You can't stop people from finding their adrenalin fix :)

Also you can discuss the morality of illegalizing something that (usually) can only hurt the person that decides to do it.

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It depends on you, some of them are dangerous, but you have the choice. We are different mind, there are still people who like to play dangerous games or sports.

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No, extreme sports should not be banned, there are many reasons why:

1. Extreme sports are a form of entertainment
2. They provide income for the participants, the organizers, and a bunch of people affiliated with these sports.
3. Extreme sports push boundaries, challenge us to test the limits and live life to the full!
I love the X-games, skating legend Tony Hawkes is like my idol, and there are so many awesome extreme sports to enjoy! 
But if you want to know what my favorite extreme sports are, they usually center around CARS! Rallycross is pretty big on my list, and there is NO WAY that sport should be banned. 
Here's an interview with one of my heroes:

Are extreme sports too dangerous? Should they be banned?
I'm not completely blind to the risk. I know that extreme sports are dangerous, and that's why I think the professionals that take part should be both well compensated and well-looked after,
But sometimes, even the spectators can get caught up in the action.
Recently, 8 people died when a Monster Truck ploughed into them in Chihuahua, Mexico. Have a look at this report:

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