Where Can We Swim In Madrid?


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Madrid has a number of public swimming pools that are open to the general public from mid-May to mid-September. All these are municipal swimming pools and are very popular during the summer months. They are generally a part of larger sports clubs that offer other activities such as tennis etc as well.

Some of the most well known swimming pools are the

• The Instalación Deportiva Municipal Francos Rodríguez which is located in the Francos Rodríguez Metro.
• The Club Deportivo Canal de Isabel II, one of the largest sports clubs in the whole of Spain. It falls under the Canal Metro.
• The Instalación Deportiva Municipal Casa de Campo is one of the most centrally located sports places. It is in the bustling area of Casa de Campo
• The entry price for all the above is generally the same. They charge 3.80 euros for adults, 0.90 euros for those above the age of 65 and 2.15 euros for those under the age of 16.
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Charles Bond answered
Madrid has it best beaches and open waters. You can try the famous beach in Valladolid. I tried my swimming workout there once and the nice place really caught my attention.

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