Can You Still Swim In The Lake At Ruislip Lido?


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Unfortunately, swimming is no longer allowed in the lake at Ruislip Lido. This is because there are now more stringent standards about the quality of swimming water, and the water in the lake at the lido is not considered to be of good quality.

So there are no lifeguards, and no swimming in the lake.

Having said that, due to the very fact that there are no lifeguards, some people still do sneak a dip in the water, although this is not to be recommended. If you do so, it is entirely at your own risk!

If you fancy a swim, how about going to the Highgrove Pool in Ruislip? As well as swimming, they offer swimming lessons, fitness classes and have a fitness zone complete with gym equipment.

Even though you cannot swim at Ruislip Lido it is still a great place for a day out, with a small railway, a beach, lovely walks and a kiddies playground.

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