Where Can I Find Manual For A Pfaff 1222 Electronic Sewing Machine?


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Here's the manual for the Pfaff 1222 electronic sewing machine for viewing online as a PDF or to download and print.

Alternatively, you can view with Flash or download the Pfaff 1222 sewing machine manual from

Here's a guide from Youtube about using your Pfaff 1222:

The Pfaff website has lovely monthly projects for making nifty little accessories for your closet, kitchen and even your gadgets. You'll be amazed at how many different things you have made once you start following the Pfaff suggestions.

Register your sewing machine if you can, because you can get cool free software to download to your Mac or PC and use along with your Pfaff.

Also, if you want to take part in the community of Pfaff owners, you can join this thread on Pattern Review.

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