Where Can I Download A Manual For A Pfaff Hobbymatic 919-1 Sewing Machine For Free?


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Here's a free 94-page instruction book for the Pfaff Hobbymatic 919-1 Sewing Machine from the Pfaff website.

Here's another copy of the instruction guide from Manuals Library online. You can download and print it for free or just view it online at both locations.

Lots of other manuals for Pfaff sewing machines are on the website too, so if you ever need to find another manual check it out here.

It might also be a good idea to register your machine with Pfaff so you'll get all the updates and machine support that they offer for free.

And there are lots of cool projects and inspirations to take advantage of and make for your home, wardrobe or as crafty and usable little gifts.

There are also embroidery projects to do on your Pfaff and a bunch of other tips and techniques to do on your machine.

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