What's Worth More 14 Carat Gold Or 10 Carat Gold?


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14Karat gold is worth more.The higher karat the more pure the gold. Pure solid gold is 24Karat and very yellow in color.10karat gold is very bright and whiter because it's blended with so much nickel
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24 carat (Ct) gold is pure gold. 12 carat is 50% gold and 50% other (no value).
So 14 Ct gold is better than 50% or 12 carat and worth more. 10 Ct gold is harder, wears better but at selling time is worth a lot less than 14 Ct gold.
In Asian and S. American countries 24 Ct is what they all want for their jewelry but it is not safe to wear as it'll break easier. I had a 24 Ct necklace, massive, that my mom-in-law gave me as a wedding present. But it broke, fell off, and was gone forever. I never told her I lost it as she would have been pretty upset. I was upset enough myself. You live and learn. 18 Ct is the way to go for jewelry. Anything higher in carat isn't worth the risk.

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