Can Someone Please Explain, "How To Thread A Universal Electric Sewing Machine" For Dumber Then Blonds, Men, Animals & Babies Dummies? Thx


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No answer for you although I have been thinking of getting a sewing machine and learning to sew, but I read the way you worded your querie, and I think anybody attempting to learn to use one of those monsters is very courageous and intelligent, and humble and like a hero to me, so why you cut yourself down like you are dummy, because you are not! Not! A dummy.
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The Universal Sewing Maching Company makes industrial sewing machines. I found their website saying that they have been in existence since 1964, at this link:

I don't know if they would be of assistance, but if you haven't tried that, it is a possibility.

The one thing I know about such machines is that one or one similar to it was in use at a tailoring shop owned by my kin, when I was a child. If I'm not remembering this clearly it is of no surprise but I think I recall that there are two thread spools, one that sits at the top like seen in your photo, and one that sits on the side, that would be smaller. There are threading eyes which correspond to each one. The top spool eyes are next to the lower spool eyes, on one side of the machine. If this is right, then you want to thread each spool through the corresponding eyes until you run them together at two sides of the needle..the side spool on a lower hole of the needle, and the main spool on the higher hole of the needle. Pull them both through their respective holes, keep the threads apart from one another, and start the sewing. If this makes sense to you for the use of this machine, then this is what it is. The lower plate may be fixed at the bottom. I don't think there is a bobbin.

I hope this helped a little bit. I hope you find what you need.

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