Could You Possibly Please Help Me With The Instructions On How To Thread A Kenmore Sewing Machine?


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I do not have the same model as you do, but it is a Sears Kenmore.

- Place your spool of thread on the thread holder and wrap the thread around the thread tension holder on the top (should look like a small raised screw head for lack of a better description).

-Thread it through the little curly-looking eye across from it and then go down to the round stitch-length knob.

-Wrap the thread around the knob from right to left and go up through the hook-eye to the left of the knob. (There should be a thin wire loop connected to the stitch-length knob that the thread will automatically feed itself).

-Continue up to the arm that controls the motion of the needle at the top and thread the thread through from right to left.

-Come back down to the next hook-eye (should be directly across from the first hook-eye) and thread the thread through it .

-Next step is to wrap the thread around the next curly-eye right near the needle.
-Thread the needle.

-Last is to hand-engage the needle so that you can pick up the bobbin thread underneath.
-Hope this helps you.

- You can also try going online to Sears to see if they have the owner's manual for the model machine that you have. I did this for a Toro weed-wacker that I picked up at a yard sale and needed to know what size nylon string to use for it.
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I just bought the exact same model at an auction. I can't get the bobbin to stay in is there any way that you could take a picture of the place where the bobbin goes so I can see what I am missing. My other sewing machine quit and I am using this to make quilts out of clothes for people that passed away or like seniors that are graduating. I would appreciate it so much and I am not sure about threading it either but have tried cause I seen the bobbin wasnt staying in..
Thanks so much

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