Where To Buy Singer Sewing Machine In The Philippines?


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There are number of outlets that sell Singer sewing machines in the Philippines. One of these can be found in Manila, the address is 373 Bonifacio Drive, Port Area, Manila, NCR. 

Another option for purchasing a Singer sewing machine is via the Internet, there are a number of sites that will provide a variety of models of sewing machines. These sewing machines can be purchased new from suppliers, or used and refurbished from some dealers, and private individuals.

When purchasing a Singer sewing machine caution is advised as recently there was a raid of three outlets that were selling counterfeit sewing machines and accessories. The National Bureau of Investigation carried out the raid and 16 boxes of sewing machines were found. The registered trademark of Singer was being placed onto the sewing machines and this infringed the Intellectual Property Code of the Philippines. 

The Singer Company Ltd has been trading for nearly 160 years under the name Singer and has over 2,000 trademark registrations throughout the world, including several in the Philippines.

The company was founded in New York in 1851 and is currently based in Tennessee, with further offices in Sweden. Sales grew rapidly to over 250,000 a year by 1876 and the brand is now international with the sewing machines being the most well-known and popular in most parts of the world.

The company now falls under the umbrella of SVP Worldwide, and they manufacture three different brands of sewing machine. As well as Singer, SVP manufacture and distribute Husqvarna Viking and Pfaff sewing machines. The company is managed in the United States and in Sweden. SVP also manufacture other products including embroidery machines, quilting machines, steam irons and accessories.

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