Who Made The First Sewing Machine?


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Sewing is so important to man that a machine was had to be invented to meet their needs. The history of invention is quite tragic. The first sewing machine was invented by an English man named Thomas Saint in the year 1790; it had many of the features of the modern chain-stitch one. The machine was intended for work on leather, but the tragedy was that it was never used and the inventor made no profit by it. Barthelemy Thimmonier a poor French tailor invented a sewing machine in 1830 which even more resembled the present model. But an angry mob of workers fearing they would lose their jobs wrecked the plant and the machine. The inventor died in poverty.

Walter Hunt a man of New York invented a sewing machine which contained a curved needle, with the eye at the point. The machine was also showed the way to form lock stitch. The patent of the first useful machine had gone to Elias Howe. Isaac Singer obtained a United States patent on his sewing machine in 1851. There was a clash between Singer and Howe over who had priority and Howe won the case, so he was able to obtain royalties from every type of machine in use. Today there are thousands of kinds of sewing machines, including special machines for various purposes.

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