Where Can I Sell My Beanie Babies For Top Dollar?


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Tauseef Sheikh answered
You can market your beanies in a very productive way. Simply make a chart or poster about your beanies and display it in some famous and prominent place. All of your beanies will be sold out very soon. Selling them on Ebay is also a good option but it would take a longer time.
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laura leydig answered
You can donate your collection to the American Cancer Society chapter in your home town. if your town doesn't have one you can call their toll free 800 # and they will set you up. this is tax deductible. you can try finding a child with cancer in your town who is having a fund raiser and donate the collection to them, this helps pay their bills and medicines, since I know this can get very expensive. happy hunting. A child in need is the best way to go.
Try e-bay or contact your local home industries shop .
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Do you have a local advertiser? I would advertise them in that. Or in your newspaper.
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they are worth about .50 (50 cents) if you are trying to sell......unless you put on ebay and charge for shipping......unless you have an extremely rare one..

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