How Can I Tell If A 1976 Eisenhower Dollar Is Silver?


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In 1976 two issues of the Ike were made. There was a copper-nickel issue and a silver issue. If you had one of each it would be very easy to tell them appart. The copper-nickel clad coin will have a copper colored band around the edge. That would be a dead give away that it is a clad coin and it would also have a nickel color, not a silver color - like a clad Kennedy half dollar for example. The silver issue will have a solid silver band around the edge and have a white silvery color. The silver issue has .3161 oz. Pure silver, roughly 1/3 oz silver. Unfortunately, neither the clad or the silver Ike is worth very much. If the coin is silver, it may be worth $12 - $30 depending on condition. The clad version maybe $6 - $8 depending on condition. Still worth holding on to. If you familiar with Ebay you can check out my store and guides on related topics.
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sandra burns answered
Two ways actually I'm no expert or anything but if you take another dollar and drop both of them it will sound fake or a lighter ting than one that has more ingredients. Or let it sit out in a room for a couple of days and see if it starts to tarnish where you have touched it your natural oils will also cause it to tarnish.
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From how I've been told, the Bi-Ikes are Type 1 silver, The one dollar is in bold letters and the Type 2 clad are not in bold letters. I believe this to be true with all the Ike dollars. 1973 is the key dollar and the 1990 Ike centennial, Crown jewel.

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