How Much Are My Lattice Shares Worth?


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Shares in Lattice Group, which now operates under the National Grid, are now effectively shares in the National Grid group. As of March 2011, these shares were worth 51.70p, and are still likely to be worth just over 50 pence each. For a more reliable quote on the value of Lattice Group (now National Grid) shares, consult the London Stock Exchange, which will give you exact, up to date values.

• Lattice Group plc

Lattice Group plc was formerly a British gas provider, operating in the energy industry. It was a large company - one of the largest in world, as it was listed as a company on the FTSE 100 Index. It began in the year 2000, when Transco, a former UK gas transmission company, was demerged by BG Group. In addition to providing gas services to other companies and the general public, Lattice Group owned 186K, a telecommunications firm.

Two years after its establishment, Lattice Group merged with National Grid plc, forming what was then known as National Grid Transco. This name was changed to simply National Grid plc back in 2005, in an attempt to simplify matters revolving the company.

• The FTSE 100

Nowadays, National Grid plc is listed as one of the world's largest companies in value on the FTSE 100. Traders and investors can buy and sell shares as they see fit using the FTSE (Financial Times Stock Exchange) mechanism. The FTSE allows anyone with the necessary funds to buy shares in a company, which may seem like an attractive option when an individual believes the value of a company is set to rise. Shares can then be sold when an investor thinks the value of a company is about the fall; this way, those investing in the stock market attempt to make money from it.

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