How Much Are My Nascar Trading Cards Worth?


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There are a huge range of trading cards in existence and they differ in value depending on popularity, year, condition and subject. As always with anything collectable, people favour the ‘big names’ and there will be some cards that are considered rare while others are more commonplace. Recently, the company released the Press Pass Showcase box and then the Press Pass Five Star box which contained five cards including an autographed memorabilia card and two pieces of memorabilia. Drivers included in the Five Star box were Richard Petty, Jeff Gordon, Tony Stewart, Jimmie Johnson, Bill Elliott, Kasey Kahne, Kevin Harvick, Joey Logano, Kyle Busch, Carl Edwards and Danica Patrick. One Press Pass official was quoted saying "the selling price will be determined by each individual store owner for their customers” which highlights the demand and exclusive nature of the cards. Prices start at a couple of dollars for the most commonly found cards while the Showcase boxes were sold for $225. Without knowing the cards you hold, it is not possible to give an accurate pricing but the best idea is to type the names of the cards you have into eBay or Google and see how much money these make. Also, you can buy a current issue of "Beckett Racing Magazine," a publication that gives detailed, updated information on racing card prices and autograph opportunities. It is also advisable, in case you are thinking of selling them, to ensure you keep them in excellent condition. Use plastic wallets and file them to keep them flat and in chronological order. It is best to pick them up by the edges to avoid marking them and do not get them wet. If you are keen to make this a serious hobby, make sure you are really knowledgeable about past and present races, teams and players and keep a look out at game shops, flea markets and even garage sales: You never know when you might spot a new one!
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I have a Wheels High Gear 1998-PURE GOLD JEFF GORDON mint condition. Does anyone have a clue to its worth.
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I have a Maxx '94 Rusty Wallace card, It was The North Wilkesboro  Speedway at Tyson Holly Farm 400, on 10/3/93 Race 26. Card # 233, I would like to know what it is worth. If you can please let me know

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