How Much Is A Rounder Skid Steer Loader Worth?


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need more information. Year,make ,model number....maintenance records,hours of use ,type of work repeatedly done with the unit...
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Glen Thornbury
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A lot working IF YOU NEEDED it Cuz! I drove a John Deer W/the front loader! I'm a Cowboy and Hot Rod Mussel Car man!
Andy aka Doc aka Andg aka Big A aka Ass-Hole aka etc.etc.etc.... Dac_____
Well I am a mechanic and do all my own repairs and there is a web group that was made for Rounder owners plus I only paid 2250.00 for it and I joined the Rounder group found out these guys can tell you any and everything you want to know about Rounders they also paid the same or a little more for there Rounders so I didnt do to bad on the deal I guess
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Ajd: Then that sounds like a great deal.
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I might pay 250.-300. For it. But then again my husband's an iron-worker, and can fabricate. And I know many people who could create most parts for me. Nomad's is correct, once you have it, it's your baby. And like most babies, they take a lot of care.
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I am interested in buying your Skid Steer.  Where do you live?  I am in South Dakota.  Please reply.  Robert
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I am sorry, but, there isn't a large community use of that here in Alaska, so, I really couldn't tell you, sorry.
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Andy aka Doc aka Andg aka Big A aka Ass-Hole aka etc.etc.etc.... Dac_____
Why not it is a super snow removal machine
Jacquelyn Mathis
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Not for the snow that we get here, we either get enough to use the little shovels, or we get 2 ft, in which case, you get a plow truck, and naturally wait for the nasty berm makers (graders) to come by and block you in, in which, you use the shovel to throw at the graders, then you get the plow truck to show up again, or take a shovel out of stock, cause you know you are going to lose them to the derned graders. Lol

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