How Much Is The Millennium Beanie Baby Worth?


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In the United Kingdom, a Millennium Beanie Baby is worth approximately £5 on auctions sites such as eBay.  US listings have them available to buy for up to $1000, although these don't actually sell.

Collectable Beanie Babies

Ty Inc. Often released limited quantities of each Beanie Babies design, which led to people believing that they would increase in worth over time.  To my knowledge, this has never actually been the case, and although Beanie Babies are still popular there isn't much of a market for the limited edition bears.

I was thinking about collectable items not too long ago when I was reminded of Pokemon cards.  When I was younger, I was adamant that my Pokemon cards would become valuable in the future.  I checked online recently, and much to my disappointment, the result wasn't too dissimilar to the low value of Beanie Babies.  I suppose in reality, they're not actual that uncommon.

Counterfeit Beanie Babies

At the height of the Beanie Babies popularity, cheaper non-branded versions of the bears were available to buy from shops and market stalls.  These were popular with those who wanted to spend less on the bears.

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