Are Hobbies Beneficial For Us Or Not?


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I suppose the biggest disadvantage is that a hobby can become addictive.
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Your question is about the benevolence of hobbies. You want to know if hobbies are beneficial or not. Its answer is simple. It depends upon the nature of the person who adopts any type of hobby. The hobbies have both qualities in it they can be good and they can be bad as well. For example there are some really healthy hobbies which a person can join like swimming, traveling, and reading.

On the other hand some hobbies are really bad and when they become habit of some person they are unbearable in this case. For example some people adopt a hobby to smoke or even to drink and some play the games all the day on the computer or play station. These kind of hobbies are really dangerous and not beneficial at all. So it depends who is adopting a hobby and which hobby is being adopted.

From the above information I've provided to you it is very clear that some hobbies are really good. And on the other hand some hobbies are dangerous. It depends on the person which hobby he/she will choose.
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You get only engrossed in it
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It depends upon what type of Hobbies you are having. If they are negative it will have negative impact on you. If they are good hobbies, they are always beneficial for you
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I think  hobbies are beneficial at some points. If you have reading as your hobby, it will help to improve your knowledge and thinking power. It will also help to set your mood.

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Yes, some hobbies are good and beneficial to us as :  Doing some sports in order to keep fit, reading for improving your vocabulary,  having healthy food and eating them on regular time, etc,,,but not all of the hobbies are good like : Having meals not on regular time, smoking, and drinking much as well, etc,,,

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there! They definitely are, and my favourite hobby is to play mobile games.
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Oh...It's a philosophy !) I'm a programmer and I have to work a lot with codes...Sometimes it's becoming boring...and in this case, I like to take a break and play slots to clear my thoughts from the work. Is it a hobby or habit?)))

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Hobbies can be very beneficial if you enjoy doing it. On the other hand they can be frustrating if you don't enjoy what you're doing.
Find something you like to do that is yours and yours alone to help you relax and stay calm, sort of getting away from it all.

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