How Can I Find Out About Pottery Marks?


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  Pottery marks refer to those marks which are made by the producers on their wares and products. Artists have always marked their creation with their sign or marked it with their own unique symbol. It is the same with pottery wares. You will find these marks at the bottom of the pottery item. It is either stamped, incised, painted or printed. These marks are very important because these marks are a method of identification. It helps in knowing about the line of pottery or the person who created that particular item of pottery.

  It also helps to determine the works of pottery as being made by a master or an expert. Thus it also helps collectors or buyers of pottery to determine whether the pottery items that they intend to buy are good or bad. If you want to know more about pottery marks then please check out the site at www.
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I am trying to find out what the mark of a chinaman sitting under an umbrella means on the back of a very large oval plate I have.

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