How Do You Breathe Right Whilst Swimming?


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The breathe rule for the swimming is inhale above the water and exhale under the water. Let out the air in your lung through your nose under the water. When you feel that now you need the fresh air get your mouth above the surface inhale quickly and get your face under the water as keeping the face under the water makes it easy and quick to swim. It requires a lot of practice.

When you are doing the freestyle swimming you get your face above the water from the right side. For ease you may understand it as you see your right shoulder breathe and put your face again in the water.

In butterfly style it is easy to breathe as your face come out of water after every stroke.
In backstroke it is also not very difficult to breathe as your face is nearly about the surface of the water. But be careful as sometimes water enters the nose in the backstroke.
For a beginner I would like to add one thing more. It looks harder to get your face above the surface of water. For this purpose push the water with your hands downward. In reaction it pushes you up and you are able to get the face out of water. Again a lot practice is needed in this regard and I recommend not doing this in the deep water initially. Consult a professional if available.

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