How Do You Get A Swimming Pool Uncloudy?


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Pools typically get cloudy from one main culprit - not enough time running the pump and filter.

If you are already cloudy it's probably time for some shock.  After that you probably need a good floccing agent to bind up all the crud that is floating around.  Then you need a nice long cycle of your filter running, and it wouldn't hurt to vacuum or run your automatic cleaner as well.

8 hours a day is the bare minimum you want to run your pump and filter, and it doesn't matter if people have been in the water or not.  Stagnant water will get nasty.

Make sure you test your water regularly too, again, whether people have been in it or not.  By regularly I mean at least twice a week, more like every other day.  Don't just check total chlorine either - you need to know free chlorine.  Total is nice, but if the chlorine is all bound up with crud then it's not attacking anything new and you'll have cloudy water that also stinks badly of chlorine.  Keep the free chlorine at an optimum level and keep that pump and filter running!
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Swimming pool literally get cloudy if not cleaned regularly and it would be time consuming if you do it yourself, so I guess it would be much better if you just hire company to clean the pool for you. I found a swimming pool tile cleaning company and they are located at 12148 Severn Way Riverside, CA.

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Water in pools and tubs can get cloudy if you do not use a cover for it. If you have a hot tub without it then go here and buy a decent cover. Of course, there are other reasons besides this. Just trash, dirt you bring with you. Just clean it as often as you can.

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During the operation of the pool, plaque forms on the walls and bottom of the bowl, which must be removed regularly. Cleaning the pool bowl is the main type of maintenance, the frequency of which depends on the type, area of ​​​​the pool, its location, the performance of the filtration system, and the intensity of operation. On average, indoor pools need to be cleaned once a week, outdoor pools - every 2-3 days, and sometimes daily. For fast, high-quality cleaning, a device is used - robotic pool cleaner ( ) . The power of the device or its suction capacity is selected in such a way that it was sufficient to remove sediment from the walls and bottom.

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