Who Is The Father Of Martial Arts?


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This question is almost impossible to answer because there are so many different forms of martial arts that have developed from different parts of the world over the centuries.

Some of the most popular types of martial art include:

  • taekwondo
  • kung-fu
  • karate
  • savate
  • judo
  • jujitsu
  • kalaripayattu
  • boxing
  • wrestling

The father of martial arts

These disciplines all grew in different parts of the world and were localized combat regimens within their places of origin.

It is only fairly recently that these forms of self-defense spread outside their homelands to other parts of the world.

To add to the confusion, the history of some martial art forms is steeped in legend and mystery that spans centuries.

To me, determining the father of 'all' martial art is a bit like trying to find the father of sports. Whilst everyone is familiar with the history of sports like football and basketball, it would be impossible to attribute the concept of sport to one particular individual.

The origins of martial arts

Many believe kung-fu to be the base from which different other martial arts forms developed in Asia. Popular belief has it that kung-fu was taken to China by Bodhi Dharma, a Buddhist monk who practiced the Zen form of Buddhism, from India sometime in the 5th century B.C.

In that sense, Bodhi Dharma would be aptly called the father of martial arts.

One form of martial art that we do know a bit more about is karate.

In fact, there is a recognized founding father of the form: The renowned karate master Sensei Gichin Funakoshi (1868-1957).
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In 5th century , Bodhidharman 's third  son of pallava king from Kanchipuram , Tamil Nadu. Bodhidharman's  kalari martial arts become Kung fu .  He's one of the Father Of Martial Arts

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Bruce Lee is the God of fights.
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Martial arts means all those methods of fighting that have evolved over time. Martial as in military. Wrestling, judo, boxing, savate, karate, hsing yi, and bagua are just a few of what is called martial arts. Every nation has its own form. So who's the father?

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