How Do I Improve Kicking With My Weaker Leg (technique-wise, Not Strength) In Karate, Taekwondo Or Kicking Boxing Type Martial Arts?


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Mark Westbrook answered
Although techniques differ in application, our instructors in the martial arts will often chide us and encourage us to develop our kicking legs to be of equal strength, accuracy, skill and speed.
However, it's never quite that simple is it! We know that! They know that, but how do we actually do it in real life?

The key is rather easy but it doesn't feel like it.

Here's a couple of tricks. Practice the kick on your strong leg about five times, each time, notice what happens in all the parts of your body. Then try it ten times on your weaker side, again paying attention to the technique. Each time you practice, do twice as many with your weaker leg. Practise using a leg weight on the weaker leg, this will improve its strength and speed. They are purchased easily and are secured to your foot with velcro straps. The other thing is to use a kick bag to regularly hit your target with that leg because your body knows if the kick is hitting the target correct.
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Most likely we're talking about the weak side; if you're right handed your weak side is your left. Why? Because we use it the most it gets better and better. It may be frustrating, but use it. If you do 15 kicks with strong side, due 45 with weak side. Work that which is weak, the strong is already strong.

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