What Different Types Of Paper Are There Available To Use For Arts And Or Crafts?


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Paper is obviously needed when doing painting or drawing. But depending on the medium you are using, you may need to choose a different quality or type of paper. Also if you are doing craft work you may need a different thickness, colour or stiffness of paper or card.

Some of the different papers available from arts stores and specialist stockists include;

Cartridge Paper
Watercolour Paper
Pastel / oil pastel paper
Crepe Paper
Frieze Papers
Mounting Card
Textured Paper
Charcoal paper
Canvas Paper
Acrylic Paper or Board
Sugar Paper
Imitation Leather
Transparent Paper
Lace Silk Paper
Glitter Paper
Corrugated Card

Most good stores will have an advisor to guide you through which paper or materials would be most suitable for you to use. There are also a number of brands which make their own paints etc as well as paper. You'll find that you'll probably find a brand you like and stick to it.
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Well  theres newspaper and wipies but not used ones construction paper  tissue paper toilet paper foil papeer  ,  napkins  well thats I got well heres somthing got to say to you    theres a lot of paper in the world you can use

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