How Much Flour And Water Do You Put Together To Make Paper Mache?


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Papier mache is literally 'mashed paper'. You can create wonderful objects using strips of paper and these ingredients:

1 litre luke warm water
1 litre all purpose white flour
1 litre boiling water

Salt can also be added to act as a preservative. ¼ cup of table salt is enough for the above quantities of flour and water.

To make the paste, stir the flour, and salt if used, into lukewarm water until well mixed. You may find that a hand whisk or blender helps speed up the process.

Next, pour in the boiling water. Stir the mixture quickly to cook the paste and activate the gluten. It is the gluten that acts as the 'glue' in papier mache.

Now it is ready for you to start soaking your pieces of paper in and creating your masterpiece. A good starting point is to use an inflated balloon and coat up to half-way with layers of paper strips, coated in the glue mixture. Once the paper has set and hardened you can pop the balloon and remove it. You have then created your first papier mache bowl!

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