When Did The First Barbie Doll Come Out?


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The first Barbie fashion doll came out in March 1959.

Who Invented The Barbie Doll?
Barbie was first created by Ruth Handler, who saw a similar type of doll in Germany and thought that it would also be popular with young American girls.

The Barbie doll was produced by the toy manufacturer Mattel (which still produces the dolls today). Handler's husband was actually co-founder of Mattel, so it's no surprise that she managed to get the product out there!

The Barbie doll is named after Handler's daughter, Barbara, and was one of the first children's dolls to have the body of an adult - before Barbie, dolls tended to take the form of young girls.

Why Is Barbie Still Popular Today?
Barbie dolls are still popular today for many reasons:
  • Mothers who had Barbie dolls may buy them for their daughters, because they remember liking them when they themselves were young
  • There's no real competition
  • Barbie has become an established franchise
  • Girls who have generic-brand fashion dolls may be teased by girls who have the real thing, i.e. Barbie
  • New editions are constantly being released, with many girls wanting to have the latest Barbie
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On March 9, 1959, the first Barbie doll was unveiled at the New York Toy Fair.

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