Where Do You Get Used Rollerblades?


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If you are looking to buy used Rollerblades online then try the popular selling portal eBay. They even have a special section dedicated to users in the United Kingdom. You can also try online classified websites like Gumtree. The classified section in your local newspapers can also be a good option. Garage sales and flee markets in your area, or pawn shops next to schools and colleges are another good place to look. Second hand sports goods stores generally stock a range of items right from tennis and badminton rackets to rollerblades and fishing rods.

Try and look out for elbow and knee guards along with a helmet to protect the injury prone areas of your body. Inline skates are normally generically referred to as Rollerblades so make sure that if you want Rollerblades you don't end up buying inline skates of some other manufacturer.
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If you're in the UK, you might be able to pickup used rollerblades on

If you're in the States, there are usually used rollerblades, old skate gear, and stuff like that on Craigslist.

And no matter where you are in the world, you can always hunt down a cheap pair of rollerblades from or somewhere similar...

Might also be worth putting up a "rollerblades wanted" sign in your local skate shop, maybe someone will be willing to sell you their old ones!

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