Why Should I Learn To Sew?


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Many years ago, sewing was a skill that was often taught in the home. It was a neccessity due to the cost of replacing clothing and soft furnishings. They were repaired rather than replaced. Now, sewing is not such a common pastime.

It is a very simple and easy skill to learn. All you need is a needle, thread and piece of fabric to get started. There are a great number of basic sewing books available as well as free sources on the Internet to assist you.

Once you know the basics of sewing, you can make clothing, curtains, quilts and other soft furnishings. You can also make reparations. Not to mention, sewing is an enjoyable and therapeutic hobby. As long as we use fabric in our daily lives, sewing will continue to be a valuable skill.

After you learn hand sewing, you might choose to buy a sewing machine, which will speed up the process. However, hand sewing is still important even when using a machine.
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  When I was a young girl in the mid-1960s, fabirc was cheap, and we all learned to sew to save money on clothes and to design our own unique look.

  Now, fabric and patterns are just about as expensive as buying a garment, and when you factor in the time involved, it is not economical.
Still, sewing has afforded me much pleasure over the years, specifically in creating unique clothes myself. Now, as a working woman, I do not have time to sew, but still use the skills to make household items and necessary repairs.

  I do most of my repairs by hand-sewing, but make practical, non-clothing things on the machine.A knowledge of sewing also allows you to make your own alterations of fittings and to hem pants and skrts you have purchased. I also always reinforce the seams of things like knapsacks as soon as I buy them.

  My sister makes prize-winning quilts by hand and machine, which is a definite art form.
If I had had a daughter, I would have certainly taught her to sew as it is not only a fulfilling hobby, it has an everyday use.

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