I Have A 1863 Silver Indian Head Penny, Is It Worth Anything?


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The absolute top market value of your 1863 Indian Head Penny as of 2011 is $63. That’s if it’s in mint condition and hasn’t been circulated. If it does show slight signs of wear but is still in excellent condition i.e. The image and lettering are still sharp and well defined it may be graded as ‘extremely fine’. In this case then the value of your coin is around $19. Naturally the worse the condition the less it is going to be worth, coins with a grading of fine, that is where there is moderate wear to the coin, where it lacks some of its original detail have a value of approximately $8. ‘Good’ graded coins should still show a lot of detail and a noticeable separation between the neck and chin should still be present, as well as some indentation of the eyes.

If you’re extremely lucky then your Indian Head Penny may be graded ‘uncirculated’ and in a condition what is referred to as gem quality, therefore retaining its original shine and lustre. Although the market value for such items remains $63 collectors are known to escalate the price through competition at auction into hundreds of dollars due to the rarity of finding coins in such a good condition. Be sure you have an Indian Head Penny though and not a Civil War Token, which are very similar in design except that on the obverse of a genuine Indian Head Penny are the words ‘United States of America’ and the word ‘Liberty’ across the Indian’s head dress.

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