How Do You Make A Sewing Pattern Bigger?


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How do I make an extra large choir robe fit a woman who wears the dress size of 34/36w fit her?
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Sewing patterns are normally cut out and attached to the fabric. After the pattern piece is attached to the fabric, it is cut into the desired shape.

You would do best to purchase a sewing pattern to stitch on to the garment. Choose one which has an easy pattern and go through the instructions as to which cloth to use etc. Going by the pattern guide, decide on the layout of the pattern on the fabric. Use a pair of scissors to cut out the sewing patterns. You do get specially made scissors for this purpose. Then mark the patterns with the help of a tracing paper.

If the sewing pattern is too small, you can sew around it using a variety of stitching patterns. One more thing that your can do is surround the pattern with one or more sewing patterns of a smaller size.

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