Why Seams Allowance Is Important In Sewing Pattern?


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If you do not use the seam allowance allowed, it will make the clothes either to large or to small. The pattern is made to fit together with the allowance shown. It will not make up right if you don't follow the directions.
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Seam allowances on the different patterns also vary, which makes it somewhat essential to know the pattern before cutting it. Or else, if supposed that there is a width seam allowed, and a broader seam is prepared on that specific pattern, then the outfit might be stitched with respect to the narrower seams and it will be too big and this will not be the mistake of pattern. Due to this and with some other reasons it is suitable to really mark the stitching line on the fabric so that the dress will be made even.

Most of the patterns permit 3/8 to 1/2 inch seam allowance. However, if one is not certain that the pattern fit or the fabric fray easily then it is good to cut a broader seam than the pattern permits.

Various patterns have broader seams as compare to others. If the pattern does not offer an additional wide seam then it will be wise to cut away from the edge of the pattern. However be certain to remember that the stitching for the first time must be prepared along the stitching line specified by the make of pattern. Side seams must also be prepared broader. The large seam can be handled and can be cut later or it might be desired in a seam.

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