How Do You Make A Slingshot Out Of Paper?


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What you need:your need a few pecies of printer paper Lined paper is fine also. Your also need a rubber band and some tape And siviers.
1. Get a Sheet of paper and roll it the long way. Tape it so it stays.
2.Get another Sheet of paper and to the same.
3. Get another Sheet of paper and do the same again.
4. Then cut a little piece on the end so it now looks like a side(to a rolled paper).Do the same to the other piece of paper that was rolled.Tape both rolled paper to the paper that has NOT been pecie. It will now look like a Y.
5. Cut a hole on the sides that are on the paper that have been pecie.
6. Cut the rubber band in HALF.
7. Tie one side of the rubber band to a hole.
8. Do the same with the other rubber band.
9. Make sure its tightly tied then, Get the other peces of paper and crumbed then up so they look like paper balls.
20. Put ONE papper ball in the rubber band thats in the muddle of the Y.Then.... LET GO!! You now tryed your paper slingshot and FIRED the ball. Make sure you do one at a time! Have Fun!!
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Well it is kind of impossible to make a slingshot out of paper because a proper sling shot requires a sturdy base. But yes you can stick a rubber band between your thumb and index finger; place a piece of paper in the front section of the rubber band pull it back and release.

It will give the same effect as a sling shot, but the impact won't be hard. A slingshot also known as shanghai or catapult, basically is a small hand-powered projectile weapon. With constant practice, slingshots can be effectively used to kill small rodents and birds at ranges up to twenty five meters. 

Modern slingshots can generally fire up to 675 feet, and because of low ammunition cost and flexibility, slingshots are quiet popular with young kids.
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What youll need:
rubber band
1. Make paper into small strip and bend half
2. Place rubber band on thumb and first finger
3. Place paper strip in middle of rubber band and fire!!!!

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