How Do You Make A Large Bow?


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The word 'bow' describes a few things; the word can be attributed to a kind dress that you wear in the neck and also equipment with which you can shoot. But the way you have asked the question, it seems that you are asking about the shooting equipment.

Making a large bow is not very difficult, though you will have to gather all the materials that are required to make it. The first and foremost article is a bamboo and some other materials like a machete, a rope and something with which you can make a rough surface plain.

The first step you should take is to cut a bar from the bamboo with the help of machete and keep it in a tub full of water for a few days. The water makes it moist so that when you bend it, the bow will not break. When you cut the right size of bow, you can bind rope at both the ends and your bow is ready. If surface of bamboo is not smooth you can make it smooth and shoot arrows from it.

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