How Much Is My Michael Jordan 91-92 Upper Deck MVP Hologram Card Worth?


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Your card could be worth anything up to or around $12. Often Michael Jordan trading cards are worth a very different amount to their book value when sold online, therefore if you want to get the best possible price for your card I suggest you go to a store that specialises in sporting memorabilia and collectible artefacts.
The price I have suggested is subject to several stipulations. I have assumed that:
1)You will be selling online through a reputable auction site.
2)Your card is in near mint to mint condition.
3)You are a seller with a slightly above average reputation.
4)You advertise your card in a slightly above average listing.
5)Your card is ungraded - card grading involves the thorough examination of a sports card by a company with employees specially trained to evaluate the card's condition. Grades are most commonly assigned using 10-point or 100-point scales, with higher numbers equating to cards in better condition. The old descriptive terms are often still used as well, and though "Mint" once described a card in perfect condition, more recent adjectives like "Gem Mint" or "Pristine" have popped up to signify a card with no flaws. If your card is graded it will be easier to ascertain a more accurate value.

So, depending on the above requirements you could typically be looking at around $10 -$12 on an auction site such as eBay for your card.
You can also make a minor increase the profit you make from your card by adding a little to the shipping costs you will incur after the sale. However, it is important that you do not boost the postal charges too much or prospective buyers will be put off.
A great site for help on selling your card online is
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Well, the 1991-1992 Michael Jordan MVP card is worth US $0.99 and including the shipping charges makes it to US $ 4.00.
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