what are your favorite colors and hobbies?


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Jaimie JT answered

Weird combo but my favourite " colour " not colour .. Well my phone won't let me spell it your way but that's fine  , anyway green. My favourite hobby at the moment is yoga and I'm working towards getting certified to teach it in my spare time. I missed a class on that tonight though cos I did. Cos my other favorite hobby is being lazy and hiding from the world after a bad day. My other favorite hobby is changing the word because to cos when I fell like being lazy. Also my other favourite hobby is rambling on and on and on cos it is .

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Sapphire's Edge answered

My name reveals my favorite color as Sapphire Blue. My hobbies include Banjo/Guitar, reading, a bit of gaming, and driving my Camaro. I'm not sure if that last one counts, but it's fun!

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Corey The Goofyhawk , Epic has no limit, answered

Dark colors in general I love, especially a darker blue and black. Writing and gaming are my two favorite hobbies with a dash of hiking on the side.

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Chami Neko answered


watch anime

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PJ Stein answered

My favorite color is blue. Any shade of blue will do. As for hobbies I like photography and hiking, often at the same time.

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Nealious James answered

Black and cream are my preferred colours and when it comes to hobbies, I do
have a lot of them, but my favourite will have to be mobile gaming. This
platformer: has been a great source of entertainment
these days and I am addicted to it! I also have various other apps on my devices and while some are for utility and lifestyle purposes, many
are for gaming. Another of my hobbies is to watch movies on You
might not believe it, but you will find so many quality flicks out there! For
more ideas, do consult this board: Hope this helps and all
the best!

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