In chess does this move mean a checkmate for the other player?


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You haven't given enough information to answer the question. If you were to photograph the board and attach the photograph with your question we could answer.

Checkmate occurs when the king is in check and can not move out of it, either by moving the king, interposing a piece, or capturing the checking piece.

Have a look at this unusual mate by 13 year-old Bobby Fischer in 1956. He was playing one of America's leading grandmasters, Donald Byrne. The king is being checked by the rook which also prevents it moving to the second rank. The knight prevents it moving to either side.

And, no, you don't have to say "Check". Many beginner players do but at tournament level it can be expected that your opponent will know that he/she is in check.

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Here's some more detail:

my friend had her bishop in front of her king and on her move she moved her bishop to another side to kill my pawn. Then it was my turn. Since she had moved her bishop away from the king, the king was not blocked by any pieces and now in the same column as my rook. This is what brought us to confusion: I said that since it was my turn and i hadn't moved, I would call checkmate and she would lose because it was my turn and i could "kill" the king. But, she said that since her king still had ways to escape my rook, I couldn't use my rook to mate the king and she had to do her turn again to move her king to get away from the rook.
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Her bishop move was illegal. She can not move a piece that is preventing the king from being in check. It's called a pin. Google "Chess pinned pieces" and you'll get more information.
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thanks so much
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Still part of my question:

In chess if P1 moves a piece blocking their king from attack and
on the next player's move they have P1's king already in check, is P1 in checkmate
or does P2 have to alert P1 and say check so they dont do their move and P1 gets a
second turn to move their king out of check?

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