If Tom Brady and the New England Patriots win the Super Bowl this year, do you think Brady will retire then?


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Lard Ass Profile
Lard Ass answered

I hope so!! Not saying he's a bad quarterback cos obviously he's not, but I'm just tired of the same teams winning all the time, gets boring!

Ancient Hippy Profile
Ancient Hippy answered

Hope so. He should take his gazillions of dollars and his gorgeous wife and start living his life, while he's still young and agile.

Moga Deet Profile
Moga Deet answered

I don't think so!  He is playing as well as he ever has.  I think as long as he is playing well and is healthy, he will keep at it.  The Sunday game, Patriots v. Giants was a great game!

I like the Patriots because instead of picking a bunch of college superstars, they pick up a combination of experienced stand-outs and also players that they think have potential, but aren't current stars.  A good example of this is Wes Welker, but there have been many others.

Arthur Wright Profile
Arthur Wright answered

We can only hope so and take all his scandals with him.  If I did any of what he has at GB, I would have been out of a job real quick

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