What Team Do You Want To Win The Super Bowl This Year?


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Vikings!!! I was born in Minnesota
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G'day Sportstar,

Thank you for your question.

There are good reasons to support any of the teams:

  • New Orleans Saints one of the two best teams and never won it. It would also mark a comeback from Hurricane Katrina.
  • Indianapolis Colts, the other team that has been consistent.
  • Minnesota Vikings. Big achievement for Brett Favre in his 40s. They are another team never to have won it,.
  • New York Jets. Classic underdogs. Most people thought they were lucky to be there, Haven't won since Joe Namath.

On balance, my teams are in order Saints, Vikings, Jets and Colts. May the best team win.

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I think maybe the saints.
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Minnesota all the way, not because of Farve. I am a big fan of Percy Harvin, Pat Williams, and Sydney Rice...Too bad its not against the Go Go Chargers, But Colts will do...Jets, LMAO...
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Ya same here. Except i do want them to win because of Favre. He was quarterback for my team for a very long time so...who wouldn't support him?
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Since I'm not sports minded, this is where I'd say:
I don't know.  I'm not into basketball (or golf or hockey
or curling...just pick a sport.  It makes people stop
for a second, every time) ;~)  Honestly, the only thing
I know about football is that whenever James comes in
and is very quiet, the Dallas Cowboys have lost.
When they've won...oh boy!!!!
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I have to say i am rooting for my home team the colts manning is a 4 time mvp no quarterback or any player has ever done that 4 times. The colts have won more games in the last decade than any other team also manning is not just a quarterback he is like an offensive coordinator on the field plus the indianapolis defense is playing good football.
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Indianapolis Colts should win
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Guess i'm the outsider on a team but i've always loved the Giants. Great overall team but not so hot this year.
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The Minnesota Vikings, i've been a fan since i was a kid in the 70's back when Fran Tarkington was QB, and have never given up on them after all these years of never winning a Super Bowl

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