How many different kinds of boxing/kickboxing are there and what is the best one for females?


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Muay thai would be a good game for you. As, Ruqsana Begum the british boxing champion is the ambassador for the leading fight sports brand named as RDX.

Another great name of boxing Holly Holm recently joined Mixed martial arts and now she is the UFC champ after beating Ronda Rousey.

Choose the one you like the most. The thing is must work hard and stay focused

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This is a difficult question to answer for a few reasons.

Firstly, there are several different "styles" of boxing, but I don't think they're considered seperate variations themselves... Things like out-boxing, slugging, swarmer are more like "techniques".

Kickboxing is also considered a "hybrid" martial art,

in that it borrows elements from different disciplines.

Personally, I think the best thing to do is to find a martial art that matches your strengths, irregardless of your gender. What are your strengths?

Are you strong? Fast? Well-balanced? Flexible? Have a long reach? Tall?

You could argue that these traits are favourable in most combat-sports, but for example - if you can deliver a powerful right-hook but would struggle to deliver a roundhouse kick to the head without falling over, then a particular type of boxing might be best suited to you.

Also, a big factor is what classes/groups are available in your area?

Getting good takes practice and instruction, so the options available in your local area might have an impact in your decision.

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Nahuel Roemkens
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Hii, it's me Nahuel.
I'm quite strong (I've been swimming my entire life), I'm quite fast as well but my balance is really a 50 50 matter. I am very flexible but I'm only 5'5 so I'm not very tall.
Any suggestions on what kind of boxing/kickboxing or martial arts that would fit me?
Yo Kass
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Have you considered judo? Having a low center of gravity could be advantageous when grappling, and your strength would suit it well too. It's also quite a practical form of self-defence if you ever find yourself needing to use it in real life.
Nahuel Roemkens
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I haven't thought about it before but it sounds interesting. I don't think that there is anywhere near me that teaches Judo though.
Anything else that might suit me?
By the way, I'm sorry for all the questions about the same thing it's just it really interested me and i really want to start doing some kind of boxing sport a.s.a.p
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women kickboxing is an active and success part of kick martial arts.

Lots of women want to train in Kickboxing to lose weight; gain confidence; and feel safer.

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You will be happy to know one of the very first boxing styles is known as Wing Chun. It was developed in China by a woman.

It is known as "Chinese Boxing" and was the first Art that Bruce Lee learned, and later would develop his martial arts "Jeet Kune Do" from.

Here is a demonstration of a woman using the slightly easier version called Wing Tsun:

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