Okay, what are the best types of tampons for swimming? And what are the best kinds for sports?


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The type of tampon that you use when you are swimming largely depends on the heaviness of your period at the time. Tampax are an excellent brand to use and they come in all sizes for all different flows. Playtex are also a recommended brand as they are designed specifically for wearing during sports.

  • What are tampons like?
Tampons are not uncomfortable to wear, nor do they hurt. However, some young girls may feel extremely uncomfortable at the thought of using them. They are necessary if you wish to continue swimming during your menstrual cycle as they will prevent any embarrassing or unsanitary leakages.

Once you get past the initial thought of it and you have worn them for the first time, you will find that they will benefit you a lot.

  • How to use tampons during swimming
Before you actually go to the swimming pool, you should make sure that you have bought the correct size for your body and your current flow. It is possible to buy a box of assorted sizes if you plan on doing several days of swimming.

Don't put the tampon in before you reach the pool. You should take them with you and insert one right before you enter. If they are new to you, then don't worry about taking your time. If you are concerned about inserting them, then try adding a small amount of lubricant to the end to make it easier.

When you are in the pool, keep an eye on your bathing suit to make sure you aren't leaking. If the tampon has been inserted correctly then it won't leak at all. But if it wasn't inserted correctly then it could leak or slip out.

You should remove and replace your tampon with a fresh one or a pad as soon as you get out of the water. If the tampon is difficult to remove because it has not absorbed enough blood, then you can leave it in longer.

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