How much would a bottle of Hennessy cognac from the 1870s be worth today?


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If you’ve got a bottle of Hennessy cognac form 1870 I would say that it is worth quite a bit of money!  How much?  Well as any one who collects things will tell you - it’s all about desirability. 

Collectors will probably want to buy it for an investment - some are building a collection  - so you really need to find someone who is looking for Hennes.  Hennessy is a very well known brand and won’t hold its price as well as some of the lesser brands who have limited editions.

Some collectors are looking for a particular year. If 1870 was significant in any way it will be worth more. Maybe a collector is looking for  particular bottle shape or label.

  This bottle isfrom the 1860's and you would have to pay about £5000 for it!

If you know any history of the Hennessy cognac (its provenance) that is useful.

Hennessy themselves never get into valuing old bottles.  From their website:-

We are absolutely unable to give a price assessment. Only the organizations specializing in auctions of old bottles should be consulted for this sort of item.

On they have a blog and on there is a facility to submit pictures and further information if you want a valuation.

I think you could be looking at between £2,000 - £4000  or more depending on authenticity/provenance etc.

Of course you should get an expert valuation and if its worth a lot of money it will pay you to speak to someone who can give you the best advice.

...or you could just drink it with some good friends and have a lovely time! Cheers!

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