What Is The Highest Break In Snooker?


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A break is the total score accumulated by a player at one time in a frame. A frame in snooker means one game. The highest possible break in Snooker is 147 where no fowl is committed. To achieve the highest break a player has to pocket all 15 red balls alternatively with 15 black balls and all the colored balls in order. Achieving a maximum break is the nearest to perfection a player can get.

The first person to achieve the maximum break of 147 was Murt O'Donoghue of New Zealand (1901-94) at Griffiths, New South Wales, Australia on 26 Sep 1934. This wasn't recognized as "An Official 147".

He was followed by Canadian Leo Levitt who compiled 147 at the Windsor Club, Montreal in November 1948.

Joe Davis then compiled the first officially recognized 147 against Willie Smith on 22nd January 1955 at Leicester Square Hall, London.
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155 is the maximum and this is achieved by a maximum of 15 reds, 15 blacks and the colours - preceded by a free ball (worth 1) and another black. The achieve this the opponent will needed to have made a foul and left a free ball opportunity which is not that common at the start of a frame.
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The answer to the question is 155.

Jamie Cope achieved this feat in 2005 in a practice match in Stoke. He is the only known player to have made 155, the highest possible break in snooker.

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