Can You Name Some Night Clubs In Mumbai?


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Mumbai previously known as Bombay is the capital of the state of Maharashtra. It has an estimated population of about 14 million and is the world's sixth most populated country. The night life of Mumbai is as good as the night life in New York. The night life of Mumbai is always sparkling, even after a hard day's work one can easily go into a club and relax. The most famous clubs in Mumbai are: - Leopold Café, the Hard Rock Café, Bonaparte's, Avalon, Café Mondegar, Top Brass, The Ghetto Pub, Lancers Bar, Temptation, Grand Canyon, Apollo Bar, Geoffrey's, Earth quake, Mirage, Cloud 9, Razz, Velocity, Fire 'n' Ice, Toto's Garage Pub, Enigma, Met Lounge, Mikano's, Provogue Lounge, Taxi, Indigo, Purple Haze, and above all ZENZI.

Razz is the place if you are into Heavy/Thrash Metal music, every week there are various bands like Zohak, Dry State, Claver Menezes band, Metal Asylum and Groove Lab perform

Toto's is the place if you just want to go and relax and listen to some slow, soft rock music.

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