Are There Any Night Clubs In London For Older People?


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Finding the right nightclub for the 'older' crowd really comes down to what you mean by 'older'.

Whilst there are very few establishments that will ban people of a certain age from entering (due to fear of discriminating, and because nightclubs are businesses that need to turn a profit too!) there are a number of London-based locations that discourage the presence of rowdy teens. One such venue is Tiger-Tiger in the West End, which has an over-25s policy.

Tiger-Tiger Bar in London's West End

Tiger-Tiger is located just off Piccadilly Circus on Haymarket and adopts a strictly over-25's policy. The venue offers a bar, restaurant and nightclub, and highlights are the wonderful range of cocktails and the impressive wine list.

The restaurant grill selection has a combination of Asian and European dishes, so that comes with a five star recommendation. I also like the split between the ground floor dance area and the two more subdued bars on the upper floor. If you're interested, why not get some more information about the venue on the Tiger-Tiger website.

Other 'mature' London venues

You probably don't need me to tell you about the variety that London's night-life has to offer, and if you are fed up having to share the dance floor with rowdy students and teenagers who can't handle their drink, then rest assured that there are a number of nightclubs that don't attract this kind of crowd. Some of my favourites that combine classy music with excellent drinks menus are:     
  • Proud Cabaret
  • The Pigalle Club
  • Volupté Lounge
  • Last Days of Decadence

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