Are There Night Clubs For Older People In London (Like 40+)?


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Whilst London is well-known for its night-life and the wide range of clubbing experiences on offer, there don't seem to be any dedicated clubs that offer an exclusive 40+ environment that I'm aware of. Rather, there are a number of nights that are regularly frequented or organized by 'older clubbers', so if it's classic tunes and classy dance-floors you're after, read on:

London nightclubs for the older clubber It does strike me as a little strange that no-one has latched on to the idea of 40+ clubbing in a serious way.If you think about it, all the members of the original 'rave' generation who grew up in the 80s will now be approaching their 40s and beyond.

However, although there are a handful of 40+ meets, these are generally aimed at singletons looking for a date, rather than a night out on the tiles. This may be because many of the 'scenesters' of the day have settled down, had kids, moved to the suburbs, and no longer feel that the London club scene resonates with their idea of a good time.

Luckily, though, there are a few fish swimming against the stream of drunken 20 year olds, and their crass dubstep and grime nights.

A middle-aged guide to nightclubbing in London The first thing that I would suggest is checking out nights that cater specifically to the 40+ crowd.
Nikki Spencer, a journalist from South-London in her early fifties, runs one such night called Haven't Stopped Dancing Yet. I feel this night is a good starting point because you're guaranteed a fun, party-vibe without the pretentious and (let's face it) slightly ageist clubbing jungle that London had become.

Another idea would be to check out the various Latin, Soul, Funk, Jazz, Blues or Afro-beat nights around the capital (I could name a dozen or so other examples of genres, but I'll stop there).
These nights are a good idea because they tend to be open to all ages by the very nature of the music and the scene surrounding it.  And there are many such nights all around London!

One final idea would be to check out one of London's many vintage, fancy-dress or burlesque nights. These events tend to be open-minded, with an "anything goes" attitude to style and (most importantly to us), age!
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Yes – down in South West London, we do exactly that as The Sheen Resistance. We play mainly classic disco and the funkier of the 80s sounds, and our crowds are virtually all in their 40s.

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